Hoops and High Spirits

We are delighted to share with you the success of our Inter-School Sport Event basketball tournament that was held on Tuesday and Thursday at One Planet International School. It was a wonderful opportunity for our students to showcase their skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship in a friendly and competitive environment.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to all the participants from Flipper International School, Deborah School, and Cruise School who have dedicated their time and effort to assist and participate in this event. We are grateful for your support and cooperation in making this event a memorable and enjoyable one for everyone involved.

We look forward to hosting more inter-school events in the future and strengthening the bonds between our schools and communities. Thank you once again for being part of this event and for your continued partnership with us.

Threads of Tradition: Unity Day

We are delighted to share with you that on Friday, December 22, our students celebrated a great Unity Day by wearing different Ethiopian cultural clothes. It was a wonderful opportunity for them to learn about the rich and diverse heritage of Ethiopia and to appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of each culture. They also enjoyed some traditional music, dances, foods, and games and had a lot of fun with their classmates, teachers, and administrators.

A Journey of Learning

The organization and learning approach of One Planet International School comprise planning, action, reflection, and learning. This framework assists the school community in understanding the significance of planning, executing the plan, reflecting on what has been done and the problems encountered, and so learning develops and capacity builds.
This year’s first-term reflection took place over the last several days, beginning with teachers reflecting alongside their department heads and coordinators. It will continue through the end of the week, with all departments reflecting inter-departmental thoughts and culminating with all department reflections. Hopefully, we all learned from these reflection meetings and will establish a goal and continue in the second term.