Full Potential

One Planet is committed to provide students wih real-world, experiential activities and challenges, which lead them to also excel beyond the classroom.

Reflecting the school’s mission and vision, One Planet students participate in a comprehensive range of service learning opportunities with charities and communities throughout Ethiopia.

These experiences change the lives of not only the people in these communities but of the students as well. One Planet does more than just educate students; One Planet nurtures their heads, hands, and hearts.


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One Planet is a leading place of learning that inspires a socially engaged community of collaborative, creative and resilent learners dedicated to realizing their full potential.


Aliya Jemal and Yididiya Shilema from Grade 12 earned first place in an Addis Ababa private school Amharic Debating Competition organized by Abay Television. Assisted...


The first term of the 2022/23 academic year has seen all students from years 2 to 13 participate in school clubs which are part of...

Building institutional capacity

The organization and learning approach of One Planet International School comprise planning, action, reflection, learning. This framework assists the school community in understanding the significance...

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