Building Bridges

Friday, February 16, marks an exciting milestone in the journey of understanding and supporting children’s growth and development at One Planet International School. As CEO and Co-Founder of the school, Mr. Zelalem Amare embarked on a training, merging stories and insights that illuminated the fascinating world of ‘Understanding and Assisting Junior Youths and Adolescents’ for the first time with parents. With each narrative, attendees dove deeper into the minds and hearts of their beloved children, grasping their needs, challenges, and aspirations.

Through the training provided by Mr. Zelalem, parents discovered new ways to respond to children’s evolving needs, fostering an environment of love, support, and understanding. The aim was to transform the training into a journey of self-discovery, empowering parents to navigate the twists and turns of parenthood with confidence and grace.

The training was accompanied by the parents’ workshop, and the session concluded exceptionally well, leaving attendees inspired and equipped with newfound knowledge to nurture children’s growth effectively.

Participants extend their gratitude for the enriching experience and look forward to continuing this journey of understanding and responding to junior youths and youngsters, shaping a brighter future for future generations. One of the parents could not hold his excitement and commented, “Where have you been with this informative information?”

We would like to thank the parents who participated in this training and for their support in our efforts to create a nurturing environment for our students.