Igniting Entrepreneurial Sparks

In the heart of One Planet International School, Mr. Samuel Getachew, the visionary Cambridge Business Studies teacher, had a brilliant idea to cultivate the entrepreneurial and leadership spirit within the Year 12 students. 

With Mr. Samuel’s initiative, Dr. Fisseha Eshetie, a trailblazer in entrepreneurship and leadership, graced the halls of One Planet International School to impart his wisdom to eager young minds. 

With humility and passion, he steps aboard on a journey through his own experiences in the world of business. What set Dr. Fisseha’s training apart was its practicality. He didn’t just preach theories; he brought them to life through his own experiences. 

The students listened intently as he shared the lessons learned, emphasizing the importance of resilience, innovation, and leadership in the world of business.

Year 12 students left the event with a newfound passion and determination, eager to embark on their own entrepreneurial journeys. Mr. Samuel couldn’t help but smile as he witnessed the impact of Dr. Fisseha’s visit on his students. 

On behalf of One Planet International School (OPIS), we would like to express our sincere gratitude for Dr. Fisseha’s generous contribution to our students future academic careers.