Exploring Biodiversity

It was an enriching experience our Environmental Club and the school recently had during their visit to the Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute. Led by our passionate students and dedicated club leaders, the visit was an educational journey into the field of preserving seeds and genes, vital for our planet’s biodiversity.

At the Institute, our students dig into the crucial role of preserving seeds and genes in safeguarding our environment and ensuring food security for future generations. They had the privilege of engaging with experts who shared invaluable insights into the methods and importance of conservation efforts.

Witnessing firsthand the dedication and commitment of the institute’s team left an insightful impact on our students. It not only deepened their understanding of environmental conservation but also ignited a sense of responsibility toward preserving our natural heritage.

We are immensely grateful to the Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute for welcoming us and for their dedication to environmental stewardship. The visit has inspired our Environmental Club to continue promoting the protection of our planet. 

Together, let us nurture a sustainable future for generations to come.