A Battle of Wits and Numbers

The week of May 27 marked Pi Day in our school. We had a highly anticipated Math Pi contest that had both students and teachers on the edge of their seats. This kind of contest offers an avenue to help highlight talent in a challenging, fun, and structured environment. Competing in a Pi contest is one of many teachable moments to demonstrate a student’s intellectual capacity and commitment to the field.

Round after round, the competition was intense. Each participant pushed themselves to the limit, their determination shining through as they rattled off digits with lightning speed. The audience watched in amazement as the numbers flowed effortlessly from the contestants’ mouths, marveling at their incredible feats of memory and concentration.

As the final moments of the contest approached, it became clear that victory would be hard-fought. But in the end, it was Miral Harun who emerged triumphant, her face radiant with joy as she recited an astonishing 771 digits of Pi flawlessly. Following closely behind Miral was Heran Legesse, whose impressive recitation of 574 digits secured her a well-deserved second place. And in third place stood Blen Daniel, her mastery of Pi evident as she confidently recited 473 digits.

The Math Pi contest wasn’t just about numbers and competition; it was about passion, dedication, and the limitless potential of our students’ minds.

Here are the top five winners of the Math Pi contest:

1. Miral Harun: 771 digits
2. Heran Legesse: 574 digits
3. Blen Daniel: 473 digits
4. Robera Abayneh: 383 digits
5. Soliyana Mulugeta: 288 digits

Congratulations to the contestants and the winners