Goal of Education

Education should strive to develop an integrated set of capabilities—academic/ technical, artistic, social-emotional, physical and moral—so that individuals can lead lives with meaning and become agents of positive social change. Furthermore, One Planet believes that every child has unique potentialities latent within them, and the role of the educator is to discover and develop those talents.
Therefore, the goal of education at One Planet is to unravel the unique potential hidden in every child and to create a desire in that child to use their specific talents in service to humanity.

  • Unraveling the unique potentials hidden in every child. We believe that each student has latent potentialities hidden within them. The role of the educator is not to fill the child with knowledge, but to explore the depths of the child to help him or her discover and then develop their unique talents.

Addressing all components of an education. True education must address all components of a child’s development. Therefore, One Planet strives to address the academic/ technical, artistic, social-emotional, physical and moral/character building components of education. While we believe that spiritual education is also an essential component of a child’s education, we believe this is a matter that should be left to the parents in the manner that they see fit, and will not be addressed by One Planet.

Excellence in all things. One Planet believes that all children should be given the opportunity to master every kind of learning and to become skilled in every art. Children should be given the expectation of achieving excellence in all branches of learning, sciences and art.

Building capacity for a life of service. At One Planet, we believe that the ultimate goal of education is realized when children grow up to apply their knowledge, skills, and unique talents towards the betterment of the world in the spirit of sacrificial service to humanity