Parents or Guardians

At One Planet we believe that parents play a vital role in the educational process of their children. In this respect the following are responsibilities parents should assume:

To be partners in the education process. Parents cannot be passive in the learning process and consider the school as alone in this responsibility. Parents are expected to be engaged in the process both at the school and at home. Parents are encouraged to assist their children in their school work and to follow their children’s progress by communicating with teachers through the Communication Book and by attending Parent-Teacher meetings. Parents are invited to consult with teachers, participate in Parent Teacher’s Association (PTA) activities and support extracurricular activities.

To provide a safe and loving home environment for their children. It has been established that the home environment has a significant impact on the learning of the child and it is the responsibility of parents to see that the home is a welcoming, loving and safe space for their children.

To ensure moderation in their children’s media consumption. Children now have more access to more information and content than ever before. Parents must be aware of the media their children are accessing to protect them and other students from inappropriate or hateful content.