Field Trips

Field trips and camps help students to understand their own capabilities, including the ability to make more friends, to be kind to one another and to improve their power of expression and understand the virtues that should be practiced. They gain more knowledge through study of texts, learn to make an effort and to sacrifice, and discover their talents. Every evening students spend time together reflecting on their learning of the day and have socialization time. Further, outings are organized where they get a chance to interact with knowledgeable people and visit places that expand their horizons.

Other Educational Trips are held every year where students visit farms, factories, art galleries, historical places, planetariums, places of worship, science centers, museums etc.

Thursday, 07 November 2019 was the day that all of our sixth and seventh grade students went hiking up Yeka Mountain. Inspired by two units of study from the English textbooks titled Natural Landscapes and Fitness Trends teachers arranged the adventure with a view to bringing their lessons to life. Seventy- six students, 10 staff members, 40 wholefoods pizzas, 23 kilos of bananas , 22 kilos of oranges and 86 bottles of water left One Planet at 9:00 am and drove through Wossen and on upwards into the hills of Yeka. Mr. Haftom G/Yohannes, lead the way, literally, by running up the foothills to show the small convoy of three vehicles where to stop. Had the group arrived there earlier in the morning they would have spotted other local runners on the forest’s tracks and trails.

Students left the vehicles with their backpacks and continued the slow windy ascent up the simple roadway. Every now and then, they stopped to wait for each other, as the urban sprawl of Addis Ababa below became more distant and remote, as they got higher and higher. Then they turned off the road and continued into the cool green forest. After a short water break, the students continued up through the forest to the grassy plateau at the summit known locally as “Haile’s field” (named after Haile G/Selassie, the legendary Ethiopian runner who used to run there) At Haile’s field, the students took pictures, played football and ran around enjoying their new- found space and freedom, a few locals, who were grazing their horses watched from afar. Finally, we managed to coral the students and get them to form a circle and say the school pledge and made our way back down through the forest , where we stopped to rest and enjoy a “pizza party” in the woods together, sitting with friends eating healthy junk food surrounded by nature. Finally, it was 2:00pm and time to leave the mountain and head back to school. Mr Haftom took his cue and ran back down the mountain like a walia, as the buses made their way slowly down the twisting road. In front of us was the incredible view of Addis Ababa’s urban sprawl behind us an inspiring landscape of immense natural beauty.