Work With Us

Virtually all schools, including ours, seek educators with demonstrated teaching skills in areas including content delivery, classroom management, lesson preparation, and assessment. Further, we look for teachers with the ability to facilitate inquiry and team/project-based learning and follow differentiated strategies to serve the needs of individual learners.

Yet above this, the ability to fully engage with the life of the school and contribute to its advancement is often connected with how flexible teachers are. Specifically, being eager to understand our school environment, which has been shaped by our students and our unique philosophy and grow within it. With flexibility, teaching becomes an exciting pursuit to set aside many of the underlying assumptions about education and human nature underpinning past training and classroom experience in order to explore it from another perspective.

We constantly question, assess, and evaluate every aspect of the education we provide. Every year we continue to make progress towards realizing our vision and we welcome you to apply to join us on this thrilling journey.

Join us for an enriching career in administration, kindergarten, primary and secondary education with competitive remuneration package.

We wish you all the best in your application!