One Planet has already taken many steps to strengthen its international curriculum. It uses the Cambridge curriculum for English, science, and math subjects from grades 1-6. Starting in middle school, One Planet has developed two tracks for local students and international students. Local students are prepared to pass the Ethiopian national exams, and international students, who pay a higher tuition rate, study the Cambridge curriculum to pass the O, A, and AS level exams. One Planet has invested on trainings in the Cambridge system for its teaching staff and for its Curriculum and Quality Assurance unit. One Planet is in the process of acquiring certification to become an IGCSE/IB program facility

At One Planet, students learn through discovery and exploration led by their own curiosity. Students are often presented with a problem or a scenario which causes them to discover the answer through reflection, consultation, problem solving and investigation.

Subjects include Mathematics, English, Amharic, Science, Social Studies, Art, Music, Physical Education, Computer-, and Character education. Starting in third grade, French is introduced.

At One Planet, students are evaluated using the standards of learning and are not ranked against one another.