Teacher Training

We hire enthusiastic, loving teachers who are eager to learn through a rigorous interview and testing process.  The school uses research-proven curriculum and teaching methods.

But to make it work we have to train our teachers--no matter how good they already are. Our teachers are required to participate in a comprehensive teacher training program that includes over 80 hours of training. All One Planet staff including teachers, administrators, guards and other service staff are all trained in the following:

•  Every child is noble. Every child has potential. Every child has hidden gems within themselves
•  The Virtues Projects: Practicing Virtues in the School
•  One Planet Policies & Procedures (including disciplinary procedures)
•  Child Safety and Health
•  First Aid

In addition to the general training for all staff (above), the One Planet Teacher Training Program includes extensive training for all teachers in the following areas:

  • Every child is noble. Every child has potential. Every child has hidden gems within themselves (extended training from general all-staff training session)
  • Teaching: One of the Most Important Professions in Society
  • Full Circle Learning
  • One Planet Teaching Philosophy, Methods, Learning Objectives, Curriculum Content, Creating and Documenting Lesson Plans, Classroom Environment, Daily Routine and Teacher Evaluation Criteria
  • The Virtues Projects: Practicing virtues in the school (extended training from general all-staff training session)
  • Creating an environment to encourage reading
  • Classroom management skills
  • Using the eleven interest areas of the Discovery Learning Center to teach
  • Review of content for each subject
  • Helping children with learning, physical or mental challenges
  • Evaluating student progress and communicating with parents

Our teacher resource room includes hundreds of resource books, materials and teaching aids. Our ultimate objective is to train teachers to...give young children the freedom to learn and discover through observing, exploring, solving problems, thinking for themselves & finding answers to challenging questions, understand and love each child as a unique human being, nurture and encourage each child to use their own inborn capabilities, and to discover and fulfill their unique potential.

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