At One Planet we believe that each student holds enormous capacity Each student is endowed with unique talents and capacities which can only be revealed with proper training and education.

Students practice respect and discipline. While the school should be an environment of creativity, critical thinking and joy – it must also be marked by order and discipline. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner worthy of their nobility, dignity, and potential. This means they are expected to take care of their physical selves, prepare for learning, and to be respectful to teachers and mentors as well as their peers. After counseling and reflection in collaboration with their parents, students who repeatedly compromise the safe learning environment of the school, may face expulsion.

Successful learners share certain characteristics. In our work to make all students successful learners, we seek to develop and encourage certain characteristics that have been found to be shared by those who are successful in their pursuit of learning:

·         Independence – Works independently

·         Responsibility – Accepts responsibility for own actions

·         Curiosity – Shows curiosity about subject matter; asks questions

·         Initiative – Takes initiative to do what is needed without being asked

·         Cooperation – Works, shares, and plays cooperatively

·         Risk-taking – Not afraid to make mistakes

·         Creativity – Applies creativity to work

·         Perseverance – the child learns to endure, even when work is difficult

·         Confidence – Exhibits confidence with peers and adults in addressing problems

Resourcefulness – Able to find answers using available resources