The Junior-Youth-Empowerment-Program

The Junior-Youth-Empowerment-Program has the purpose of supporting youth from the ages of 12-15 to develop the ability of expressing their thoughts, of analyzing the positive and negative forces operating in our society and to contribute to its betterment. 

In contrary to our world’s perspective of this age group of being difficult and problematic, the Junior-Youth-Empowerment-Program sees the youth as having an open mind, a detailed observation of their environment and the ability to develop a good character, which will influence their whole life.

By reading stories about Junior-Youth living in different countries and facing different problems, the youth learn about true friendship, about striving for spiritual and intellectual excellence and about hope, conformation and unity.

 The service component of the program gives the youth the opportunity to organize a service project which should contribute to the well-being of their environment. By doing this, they will develop a lot of different skills and qualities, which will not only serve them in their future life but in their future occupation as well.

With the help of games, sports and arts activities a happy atmosphere of friendship shall be created and strengthened.