The Health and Nutrition day One Planet International School was having a final grand event to wrap up our “Health and Nutrition Month”. The event which was mandatory for all of our students and their parents, was held at  the school on Saturday, February 23rd from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. One Planet International School was promoting health through activities run by various health care professionals and organizations.  There were doctors, dentists, ophthalmologists, nutritionists, stress management professionals, physiologists, NGO’s, and health restaurant owners, because our student’s health is important to us. These teams of professionals were available to provide free health screening on the day of the event. 

During this event, we were proud to support and promote the second project by One Planet’s Dinknesh initiative called “1 Book, 1 Child”. Dinknesh is a community service oriented initiative fully run by One Planet’s students. In their new initiative, the students’ goal is to build a library near Arbaminch in the town of Galo for students who do not have access to a library. The Parents of our students were encouraged to contribute to this initiative by assisting their children in making a healthy snack and/or drink for sale during the showcase event. By helping with the bake sales our parents raised funds that will be used to purchase books to students who would otherwise have no access to educational and fictional reading materials. 

With the aim of documenting what One Planet students, staff and the parents have achieved, we were presenting highlights of the students’ work in a published book, including over 40 recipes prepared by the students and their parents. We hope this book will serve to inspire the community to improve the nutrition of their meals for their families, and to ultimately raise the consciousness of the entire community. As we are trying to create awareness about the importance of health and nutrition in the wider community, we highly encouraged our students to bring friends and family to the showcase event. We greatly appreciate the effort of everyone who helped to make this wonderful event to happen.